About us

We bring the tech. You design the future.
Our Story

Who We Are

We are a young startup based in Mumbai, India. We thrive by bringing our customers quality products at uncompromised prices.  OneDecoders is formed on the idealogy that every problem has a solution if we have the right mindset. Begin your journey of decoding your troubles with us today. 

Our Inspiration

As fellow engineers, we understand how challenging it can be to manage a project’s budget. Spending about 80% of the expenditure on a single gadget and then abandoning the entire project owing to fiscal constraints.

We are here to address such issues, as well as many more. Assisting other tech nerds in the creation of prototypes and the design of the future.

Our Goal

We are en route to transforming the engineering standards of our country by providing fellow engineers with affordable resources.

Founded in 2016

We are a young company with a lot of enthusiasm and a strong desire to create a more sustainable future.


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A Few Words About

Our Team

We are a group of exuberant engineers, who like to decode challenges from every aspect of life. From classmates to being business partners, we have worked our way through many challenges together.
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Deepak Verma
Team Leader
Sumit Pai
Head of Projects
Harprit Wadekar
Head of Marketing
Ajay Yadav
Head of Operations
Krishna Viswakarma
Head of Software